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Next Steps

Next Steps

What’s my Next Step?

“Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our god.” Psalm 92:13

Whether you’re new to C3 Church or have been coming for some time and want to get connected, C3 Next Steps is the “next” step for you! Next Steps is a four step, scripture based, pathway that provides an in depth look into C3’s culture and teaches you how to get involved. Next Steps is the fast track into getting connected to C3 Church. Our vision is to see people planted in God’s house so that they may flourish in His courts. Next Steps meets four Sundays in a row. Each class is centered on our following missions:

  • Connecting people to Jesus

  • Connecting people to His church

  • Connecting people to their purpose and destiny

1. Welcome Home Party. The Welcome Home Party is step one of the Next Steps program where we want to connect with you! The party is a casual gathering where you’ll meet church leaders, learn about C3 Long Island’s history, vision and values and hear inspiring stories from church members who have recently gone through Next Steps. This is for anyone who is new to the church or has been regularly attending but hasn’t previously been to a Welcome Home Party. Lunch will be provided! If you’re interested in becoming a member of C3 Church or want more information on how to get involved, we would love to host you at our next party!

2. GROW Class. Grow class is designed to shed light on some of the big questions: Who is God? What exactly is sin? Why do we need Jesus in our lives? What’s the true purpose of church? We’ll explain prayer’s place in our lives, how to read the Bible, as well as cover the basic beliefs of the C3 movement. As you begin to connect at C3, we want to support your growth into the full potential God has for you.

3. SERVE Class. Being a part of C3 church is means becoming a part of something greater than yourself. One of the best ways to do this is through serving. In Serve class, you’ll discover serving’s link to worshiping God, uncover your gifts and talents, and how to walk with the Holy Spirit so you can make the biggest impact for God’s kingdom.

4. LEAD Class. We believe Christians are called to Lead. In Lead class, you’ll hear about how leadership works at C3 and how that relates to you and your journey. You’ll uncover your own sphere of influence and see ways God wants you to use you to bring others to Him.