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We pray that these writigs inspire your relationship with God, your family, and your community. Through this blog we hope to share weekly inspiration that brings hope, wisdom, and true love of God’s word and how it can impact our lives.


We can all find ourselves in situations that we feel sometimes can be impossible to overcome.  Especially when they are brought about by our own hands.  However, as shown in the story of Jacob, God truly desires to meet us in that place of submission and brokenness, only to truly deliver us to a new level of faith, strength, and courage

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Praise is a powerful weapon in our faith walk with God.  It aligns our hearts in the direction of the almighty God. It eases our worries and fears, it helps us to focus on the ONE who truly can and will deliver all who approach him with humility and pure devotion.  It can break bondages of unforgiveness, sickness, and pain and liberate all to a new level of intimacy and gratitude with God. 

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I recently had the opportunity to pray with and be encouraged by my spiritual father, friend, and mentor Peter Crescenti.  During this special moving moment, we were able to share with each other our promises from God in prayer and our greater hope in God and his mighty power.  During that prayer time I heard one prophetic word that resounded deeply in that moment, not only for Pete, but for myself as well, when I ruminated on it later. When we feel tired, when we feel burdened, and when we feel that the battle has been long, God reminds us that he has blessed us with spiritual fathers, spiritual brothers, spiritual sisters, and spiritual sons/daughters, as well as amazing leaders to embolden our faith. 

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Two Sunday’s ago, I had the honor of sharing with our Sunday services how connect groups have impacted my life.  I did not blink when asked and immediately said yes to share about something that played such a big role in my life and spiritual growth for 5 years, yes 5 years!  I was given the opportunity to lead a connect group and it not only impacted the life of those who attended, but also my life beyond any expectation I originally had. 

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This weekend our church had a celebration unlike any other. It was the start of a new life for many.  Through the miracle of water baptisms, they have now experienced rebirth. Our very own Ps. Stewart Lawrence said it best when he proclaimed that through baptism, we EMBRACE what God has for us. 

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